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A Note From Dr. Bel Zoughi:

So wonderful to have you here!

Welcome to the Wisdom of Eating: Your Body, Your Life, Your Choice. I was originally enticed to write this book by my daughter who believed all of my advice should be put into words.

This book will remind you what you already know.

The body that we sometimes take for granted is the most intelligent being in existence and should be our first health advisor. Our body's language to communicate with us is mainly through our sensations, with pain being the loudest voice of communication.

Every grain, every piece of fruit we eat, has a medicinal effect on the different organs in the body. The cause of most disease is either when we ignore or misinterpret bodily messages. For every bite we eat, our body has a response for it. The wise thing is to listen to those responses and act on them.

This book also includes some explanations about different food characteristics for example warm and cold based foods, and acid and alkaline producing foods. all of this is to empower us to heal ourselves by being aware and having the knowledge of our wisdom within.

I hope that by reading this book, I can share with  you some of my medical experience so that it can help you avoid preventable diseases. I have included simple solutions to some common symptoms such as Tiredness, Insomnia, Gastroenteritis, Hypertension, Diabetes, Pre-menstrual Tension, Reflux, Flu-=like symptoms, Nausea, Constipation, Cough Diarrhoea, Abdominal Cramps, and Headaches.

No one really knows how this incredible, intelligent body truly works, but we will do our best to understand it at a basic level so that our future decisions and the choices we make become conscious ones.

Always remember to listen to your body - it knows you better than you do.

It is all about empowering us to take responsibility for our own health and well being.



15 Responses to Available Now!

  1. Very Nice Thank for the help I really look forward to reading more

  2. computers says:

    Nice Blog with Excellent information

  3. Thanks for some great information reagrding this

  4. Tren says:

    Here is a truly remarkable lady who not only knows her “stuff” but is generous enough of heart to share it with us all.

    I am so happy to have found this site and the wisdom of Dr. Bel!

    I can’t wait for the updates on this website!

    God Bless you.

  5. Ian says:

    I think you are in Buderim but I cannot find any reference on this site (??)

    No way I can attend – I am far too far away!
    You might like Kiplings poem:
    I keep six honest serving men
    (They taught me all I knew)
    Their names are what and why and when
    And How and where and who.. Regards Ian
    PS: Check out “kinesiology” Why “13”

    • Bel Zoughi says:

      Thank you Ian for replying and reminding of the wise words that you read in one of your books. I wish you could make it to the launch but I wish you the best on your journey, wherever you are.

  6. Happynana says:

    I was so blessed to have found Dr Bel and had her as my Doctor. I have moved far away now and I miss her wisdom. This email arrived in my in box at the very time I needed it most. Thank you Bel. xxx

  7. Theresa Chapman says:

    Hi Bel,

    remember me ? 🙂 I can’t make it to your book launch, but wishing you all the best and success for it. The Persian dance nights sound fun!



    • Bel Zoughi says:

      Hi Theresa,

      Would be great to see you at the dance nights – thanks for joining Meetup.com/Ideal-Health!

      See you soon!

  8. susan says:

    It has been a great pleasure meeting you my dear Bel.
    Thank you for the time and guidance that you gave me .
    Be well and ,happy .

  9. Kristy Rixon says:

    So wonderful to meet you and thankyou for being so lovely to my son and i.
    Hopefully we will cross paths again. Kristy and Aiden. (Grafton)

  10. Ernestina says:

    I had the opportunity to meet you today at a grafton surgery. I found you to be very helpful. Although you don’t reside in Grafton and leave to go back home tomorrow, I wish you could stay. Our meeting was brief but it was a pleasure to have met you!

  11. Shirley Johnston 0427543020 says:

    Happy Xmas Bel long time no see but love to see you in Sydney I know where ever you are you are still doing well & I miss our times together in Canberra. Unsure if you still live at Bli Bli so I could not send you a Xmas card so I hope this finds you best wishes Shirley

  12. Lyn leyshon says:

    Hello Bel,
    My husband and I had the wonderful experience of meeting you at Bl Bli clinic today Sunday 7th July 2019
    What an interest lady indeed .I left the clinic feeling so happy and well .
    Your presence is amazing the energy you project so electrifying ,your love so beautiful .I hope we cross paths again .
    I can’t wait to read your book.I have already starting eating radish and I am looking forward to having a bowl of spinach tomorrow for lunch .
    I certainly will be spreading the news on “wisdom of eating”
    Thank you

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