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6 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Linda Elford says:

    Hey Bel,
    I’m very excited to hear about the publication and launch of your book! Congratulations on its completion! You really are an amazing lady / grandma! I look forward to purchasing a copy as soon as it is available. Your chief organiser does an amazing job too!
    Love to you all,
    Linda 🙂 x

  2. Alexandra (Sandy) Koene says:

    Hi , I am a patient of Dr Bel Zoughi and she has invited me to book launch this Sunday. She also asked me to inform you that because I am disabled and have problems walking I would require to park as close to the venue as possible. Your response to this request would be appreciated as soon as possible which would determine my attendance.
    Thank you.

  3. William says:

    Hi bell, Joel mentioned about your new book am very interested in what you have to say. Can’t wait for another big Bon fire and great food at yours again.

  4. Tereasa says:

    Hi there, I too have just had the lovely opportunity of meeting Bel and am very interested in a couple of your future events – Inspirational Books and Wisdom of Cooking. I am wondering if you can forward me start time of each and address so that I can confirm a place. Much Kindness Tereasa

  5. Sarah says:

    Hello Dr. Bel,

    Just wanted some assistance on making the soup for my toddler. Do I blend up everything and can I add garlic or ginger to the soup? How long should this soup take from preparation to end product?

    • Bel Zoughi says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your question. Each time you make soup, use different ingredients (in line with moderation and variety from my book) and it is better to only use 2-3 types of veggies. Soak barley (and or any other lentils of choice) for a few hours. Chop onion and on low heat add chicken or meat (if you choose) and barley and one cup of water and leave it on a low simmer until meat is soft (around one hour). Then add veggies (e.g. sweet potato, zucchini or carrot and beans) and more boiled water (to your desired consistency). About 20 min later, your soup is ready.

      It is easier for a toddler if you mash it a little or gently blend before serving. Your child will guide you to what they need or desire by responding to the food. Their inner intelligence is more accurate than our little information about food.

      All the best,

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