Handy Tips


  • After eating, most blood circulation goes directly to the digestive system (abdomen). Therefore, in order to allow your digestive system to work properly,

Do not exercise at least 2 hours after eating

–  Do not sleep straight after eating

–  Do not eat before mental work (exam etc)

  • Craving sweets? It could be an addiction. How many days in a row have you consumed something sweet? Up to 3 weeks and you could have created an addiction for yourself.
  • Your body’s intelligence is trained to pick up natural flavours and tell you immediately if you should continue eating or not. Have you begun eating something before and your body reacted with a resounding NO. Did you continue eating? If so, you may have felt so uncomfortable sensations….If you manipulate the taste of food too much, your body won’t be able to do it’s job in telling you it’s right or wrong for you in that moment.
  • Try using natural flavour enhancers like lemon juice, garlic, Himalayan salt, pepper, spices, herbs. Avoid anything bottled or canned if you can.
  • Listen to your body – it knows you better than you do!

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