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Here’s a sneak peak at what the Wisdom of Eating book will cover:

             Wisdom of Eating Book           


– The Divine Triangle
We are a triad being, with sophisticated connection among all three parts. These elements are;

1. You (awareness) the Choice Maker
2. Mind (subconcsious) and
3. The Body (the silent intelligence).

The body is the only tangible part in our being and its silent wisdom is profound. If our life situation is not supervised by our awareness, then we are a the mercy of our subconscious tricks. To take our own life situation uder our own control, we as the Choice Makers, need to be aware of the divine triangle and its applications.

Without the mind, you can’t logically assess the benefits of food. However, all too often, we leave the magnificence of the body’s intelligence behind for what ‘think’ is the right answer.

The over-arching message of this book – listen to your body 🙂

– Body Basics
Do you know what happens to that apple after it hits your taste buds (and even what’s going on inside before you pick it up – fascinating stuff!).

Our body is preparing itself for digestion a long time before the food hits your mouth. It even begins with the idea of food when you are at the supermarket.

This is a wonderful time to listen to the body because it is your vehicle to take you where you want to go and it can event tell you how to take care of it.

And So Much More.

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I ho9pe that you enjoy this book and I would be grateful to hear your feedback.

Remember to enjoy all of life, keep the balance, and don’t take things too seriously.


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